Chalkdust Issue 05 coming 7 March

We are pleased to announce that Chalkdust Issue 05 will be released on Tuesday 7 March. To celebrate this, we will be holding a free launch event on Tuesday 7 March in the Print Room Café at UCL from 7.15pm. We’d love to meet more of our readers, so please come along and invite your friends. If you can’t make the event but you’d still like to get your hands on some copies of Chalkdust, please see below for more information.

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Two years of Chalkdust!

Chalkdust has made it through its second year! Yep. 731 days ago (that’s right, 2016 was a leap year) we got together with the idea of creating something, we weren’t sure what, to share maths. That’s it. And now, one million minutes later, we are celebrating our second anniversary and are in the process of creating our fifth issue.

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Advent Calendar: 24 December

This post was part of the Chalkdust 2016 Advent Calendar.

Today is the final day of the Chalkdust advent calendar.

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Top ten vote issue 04

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Issue 04

Issue 04 was released on 4 October 2016. Enjoy the articles online or scroll down to view the magazine as a PDF.



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What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 04

Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

Mathematical crochet

HOT Mathematical crochet

Hyperbolic surfaces! Klein bottles! Impress fellow passengers with your DIY manifolds!
[Picture: Flickr user Pandaeskimo, CC BY-NC 3.0]

NOT Paper Möbius strips

As Dirichlet says, Möbius strips should be band.

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