Conference bingo

Race to be the first to get five-in-a-row

How to play

Next time you’re at a conference, you and a friend/coworker each pick one of the grids below. When you see something happen cross it off. The first player to cross off five boxes in a row wins. The grids below appeared in Issue 07 of Chalkdust. To generate new random grids, click here.

Grid A

A question that’s actually a comment Someone cites your paper Run out of coffee Slides projected in the wrong aspect ratio A proof is left as an exercise
Someone forgot their Mac adaptor A talk overruns into the break Your free pen runs out Laser pointer gets shined in your eye Someone reading Chalkdust
Spill ketchup on your last clean shirt Ugly Beamer slides Ugly PowerPoint slides Fire drill You fall asleep in a talk
Someone uses confusing notation You understand a talk A video doesn’t work You run out of tea bags in your room Drunk Fields medallist
Someone uses chalk The roof is leaking Board pen runs out Someone else playing conference bingo One of everything for breakfast

Grid 1

PDF slides not full-screened Slide clicker batteries run out You sleep through first talk Permanent marker on a whiteboard No clock in the room
No milk for tea You lose your name tag Only bad biscuits left Skip talks to go sightseeing You smash your conference mug
You lose your programme Your supervisor is drunk You can’t connect to eduroam Person in front of you playing Minesweeper Awkward forced socialising
You’re the only one using the hashtag You get on the wrong German train Someone gets your name wrong You get someone’s name wrong You forgot toothpaste
Someone’s phone goes off in a talk Windows needs to install updates Projector overheats Too hot in room Too cold in room

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