Chalkdust is a mathematics magazine. It’s not a journal, and it’s not a textbook. It’s a collection of articles, features and pictures that we think are interesting, fun, or thought-provoking.

Chalkdust is a place for five-minute articles over coffee, and fiendishly hard puzzles that will entertain you for a week. It’s a place for interviews with interesting people around our field, and getting relationship advice from dead mathematicians.

Chalkdust is a place you can publish your own research. Not something that should go in a journal, but maybe something small, cute, or just not original enough, but that you still think should be shared. If you’ve enjoyed learning it, show everyone why it’s so great.

We are students in the Department of Mathematics at UCL, and we hope you enjoy reading Chalkdust as much as we enjoy writing it.

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