Articles by Eleanor Doman

Eleanor is a maths PhD student at UCL. She is interested in the applications of mathematical modelling to biological and medical problems.
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  • Page 3 model: Game of Thrones

    Page 3 model: Game of Thrones

    Using graph theory to predict who will sit the iron throne
  • Modelling blood

    Modelling blood

    Blood is exceptionally complicated and its composition varies from person to person. So how do we begin to model it?
  • Page 3 model: Frictional unemployment

    Page 3 model: Frictional unemployment

    Modelling unemployment using simple differential equations!
  • Surname extinction

    Surname extinction

    Why do surnames die out? We take a look at the Galton-Watson process for modelling the extinction of surnames to answer the question: 'When will we all be Smiths?'
  • Christmas conundrum #3

    Christmas conundrum #3

    Try our nonograms! And remember, not all puzzles have a unique solution...
  • Why maps are wrong

    Why maps are wrong

    If only the Earth were flat...
  • The Drake equation

    The Drake equation

    Is there life on Mars? Or anywhere else?