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Which mathematician are you?

Behind today’s door… a quiz!


This post was part of the Chalkdust 2016 Advent Calendar.

On the thirteenth day of December, Chalkdust gave to me… a super awesome personality quiz. For those of you who have always wondered which mathematician they were in their previous life (and for those who haven’t, but should) Chalkdust has the answer. Just answer a few carefully selected questions and find out for yourself!





Cover Picture Test – adapted from – Great Mathematicians by  Andrew O’BrienCC-BY 2.0;

 Answers Pictures:
1.adapted from public domain – Cauchy;

2.adapted from – Gauss by Adrián García CandelCC-BY 2.0;

3. adapted from – alan-turing by CyberHadesCC-BY 2.0;

4.adapted from – Emmy Noether by Open Logic, Public Domain Mark 1.0;

5.adapted from – Vintage Ad #2,067: The Apple that Rocked the World by Jamie, CC-BY 2.0;

other pictures by Chalkdust]

Niki is a PhD student at UCL, working in analytic number theory.
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