Hall of lame

Hall of lame

And the wooden spoon goes to… us. Again.

We spend a lot of time trying to make each issue of Chalkdust perfect. But we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make the odd error. Here’s our pick of the cock ups.

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Issue 01

A rare spot as it was fixed in the second printing of our first issue, a mix up of Einstein’s famous equations in an otherwise (inter)stellar article:

Issue 1 Einstein's mistake

A tale of two Einstein equations: that $c^2$ should be $c^4$, unless we were using $c$ to represent the square of the speed of light…

Issue 02

A howler on the cover: did you see this?

Issue 2 cover mistake

How has the white of the ‘k’ appeared above the grey?

Did you have a go at our Issue 02 crossnumber? It’s still available to play, and we’ve fixed this little mistake:

Issue 2 crossnumber mistake

Crossnumber enthusiasts might have noticed that 4 Down doesn’t actually quite work

One of our favourite functions was the Weierstrass function: continuous everywhere but differentiable nowhere (basically very spiky). But did you spot that there’s a typo in the definition?

Issue 2 Weierstrass function

That should be $ab > 1+\frac{3}{2}\pi$.

Issue 03

Welcome to Issue 03! Here’s a lovely pixelly picture of our interviewee, Ian Stewart.

Ian Stewart pixelly Issue 3

Lovely pixelly Ian Stewart. Stay away from PNG files!

You might have been distracted by this extraneous space in our Page 3 model:

Page 3 issue 3 error

‘that’, space, comma?!

Issue 04

In our article on the Buckingham pi theorem, we made this explosive error:

John von Nuemann issue 3

John von Nuemann, you say? Any relation to John von Neumann?

Issue 05

Our history column, Roots, is written by the brilliant Emma Bell. But let’s hope you don’t need to get in touch with her!

Emma Bell email mistake, issue 5

Not technically the right email address, emmalbell@outlook.com

Fermat would have four fits about this incorrectly labelled diagram:

Issue 5 mistake

That $b$ and $-b$? Should $b$ the other way round

Next issue, Top 10 basic geometric errors:

Top Ten issue 5 mistake

Fans of primary school maths will know that the radius is half the diameter, not the circumference

Issue 06

Electromagnetic Field is hot, but it is not spelled like that.


According to issue 06’s Top ten geometry instruments, a theolodite (sic) is a surveyors (sic) favourite tool.

That should of course say “theodolite” and “surveyor’s”

Issue 08

In Colin Beveridge’s article about Truchet tiles, we made a extremely silly grammatical error.

A easy mistake to make

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