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  • Page 3 model: Ponytails

    Page 3 model: Ponytails

    Many mysteries about hair are now revealed with the ponytail shape equation
  • Heads and Tails

    Heads and Tails

    An unexpected way to beat the odds in this classic game
  • Surname extinction

    Surname extinction

    Why do surnames die out? We take a look at the Galton-Watson process for modelling the extinction of surnames to answer the question: 'When will we all be Smiths?'
  • The mathematics of brewing

    The mathematics of brewing

    While drinking beer in your favourite pub, have you ever wondered how it is produced? Find here some of the science and mathematics behind brewing.
  • Review of Elastic Numbers

    Review of Elastic Numbers

    We have a go at the puzzles in Daniel Griller's new book
  • Donald in Mathmagic Land

    Donald in Mathmagic Land

    Donald Duck learns that there is “a lot more to mathematics than two-times-two”.
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