Reproduce or die

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Timeskip is OFF
Current generation: 1; Cells alive: 0
In the program, the universe is a 20 by 20 grid of cells. This can be varied using the 'Refactor Grid' button.
When you first use the program, the time counter should be OFF, and the space is empty (white).
By clicking on a cell, you can make it come alive (black).
A second click will make it dead, so you can create whatever starting shape of living cells that you like.
Once you have made the shape you desire, you can either advance one frame at a time or set the time in motion and watch the shape evolve.
You can stop it at any time and make further changes, or press clear and start again.
There is a generation counter so you can keep track of when events happen or note the period of a cyclic shape.
There is also a population counter to let you know how many living cells there are at any time,
plus a few other options like saving to reuse or jumping to a future generation.
Under the button labeled "Refactor Grid" you can change the size of the grid on the screen,
as well as change how many cells wide by how many cells tall the grid is.

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