Getting started with typesetting

This is a working document: please update it to make it better.

Last updated 23 March 2022.


  1. Ask Scroggs to be given access as a collaborator to the GitHub repo for the latest issue.
  2. If you are new to Git, GitHub Desktop is a nice, graphical way to use Git. There is a course on how to use GitHub desktop.
  3. Clone the issue directory to a folder on your system.


You need the following fonts installed on your system:

Step 1: Download

Download the following fonts

  1. Libertinus font family: Scroll down to Assets and choose ‘’ where X.XXX is the latest version number. You will want the fonts inside the OTF folder.
  2. Raleway font family: Click ‘Download family’ in the top-right corner. You will want the fonts inside the static folder.
  3. Special Chalkdust fonts: Raleway SemiBold Math, Linux Biolinum Slanted Bold, Chalkdust Icon Font

Step 2: Install

You should install them in the normal way you install fonts on your computer.

  • On Windows: In each folder, select all the fonts, then right-click them and choose ‘Install’
  • On Mac: In each folder, select all the fonts, then double-click to open them and then choose ‘Install Font’
  • On Linux: You already know how to do this.


  • The magazine is typeset using XeLaTeX. This should be an option in your LaTeX editor.
  • Individual articles can be compiled directly.
  • To compile the whole magazine, compile main.tex.

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