Chalkdust issue 13 – Coming 1 May

A great start to the month of Maying


The cover of issue 13

Exciting news: Chalkdust issue 13 will be released at 11am on Saturday 1 May!

We’re really looking forward to letting you read this issue: there’s some really great stuff in it, such as articles about ranking England managers, Jpeg compression, and an interview with Ulrike Tillmann, as well as all your favourite regulars.

The cover of issue 13 features a picture created by an elementary cellular automaton. To help us celebrate the release of issue 13, we are asking our readers to spend some time over the launch weekend creating their own automata-inspired artwork.

Your artwork can take any form you like: you could do a bit of digital art, a painting, a sculpture, or you could even retile your bathroom following the rules of your favourite automaton. If you’ve not learned much about automata yet, then you can read our On the cover article about them on Saturday for inspiration.

You can share your artwork with us on Twitter using the hashtag #chalkdust13, or email it to us at If we really like it, we might even send you a Chalkdust T-shirt.

You can still order physical copies of issues 11 and 12 here, and preorders of issue 13 will be available shortly.

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