Christmas puzzle #2: A Christmas nonogram

Puzzle #2 in our 2020 Christmas puzzle series


Happy Christmas everyone! To celebrate the big day, here is the second of our Christmas puzzles. You can find the first one here.

The rules

  • The aim of a nonogram is to colour some of the squares in the grid to satisfy the clues.
  • The numbers outside the grid indicate the lengths of blocks of consecutive black squares in the corresponding row or column. The white gaps between these blocks can be any size (but there must be at least one white square between them). For example, in the second row of the small nonogram below, the clue 1 2 indicates that there is a single shaded square followed by a pair of shaded squares in that row, looking from left to right.
  • The Greek letters that appear as clues refer to the digits you found in the first puzzle. If you would like an extra challenge try and solve this puzzle without using the value of these digits!

The puzzle

Keep a copy of your completed grid, it will be helpful in solving the next puzzle!

You can view a printable version of this puzzle here.

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