1. Pentagram on the 18th century foundation stone of a Christian cross in Seillans, France. In Christianity, it represents the five wounds of Christ. The pentagram is also used by Wiccas and many other mystical groups. Some sources say it represents the five senses.
2. An approximate seven-pointed star ($7/3$ sides) on the top of a poppy seedpod! Photo by author.
3. An approximate $15/7$ sider Crown of Thorns starfish. A pretty amazing natural geometrical shape if you ask me!
4. An approximate decangle with $10/3$ sides seen in the well-known Paschen Fruit flower on the wall of the author’s house. Note also it contains a tri-pointed star and pentangle in its structure, plus the blue petals are not unlike the blue 2.04 sider shown in the picture gallery at the end of the article!
All pictures by Hugh Duncan

Rafael Prieto Curiel is doing a PhD in mathematics and crime. He is interested in mathematical modelling of any social issues, such as road accidents, migration, crime, fear and gossip.

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