Why Study Mathematics?

We review the fifth of this year’s nominees for the Book of the Year


Vicky Neale is a mathematics lecturer at the University of Oxford. Why Study Mathematics? (Amazon UK, Waterstones, London Publishing Partnership) is book that looks into studying mathematics at university.


Why Study Mathematics? is a book aimed at 16-18 year-olds considering studying maths or related subjects at university. The book is split into two parts. The first part discusses what is involved in the study of university mathematics, why you should consider studying maths, and what people go on to do after a maths degree. The second part looks at a few university-level mathematical topics.


This book gives a very informative view into what studying maths is like, and a very readable introduction to the mathematical topics it covers in the second half.


This book is a must-have for every school library, as it will be an invaluable source of information for any students considering a mathematical degree.


If you already have a maths degree (especially if you got it reasonably recently), this book isn’t for you. But if you don’t have one and are considering studying for one, I could not recommend this book more highly. I really wish this book has been written a while ago, so I could’ve had it when I was 17 and looking at universities.

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