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  • Dear Dirichlet, Issue 14

    Dear Dirichlet, Issue 14

    Football, telly and shape-shifting houses find their way into the prof's postbox this issue.
  • Issue 13

    Issue 13

    Sus Mafia strategies, LMS president Ulrike Tillmann, and Bae's theorem ❤️ all feature in our spring 2021 edition. Plus all your favourite puzzles & columns.
  • Issue 08

    Issue 08

    Swing on a magnetic pendulum into our autumn 2018 issue. Topological tic-tac-toe, maths, cake, categories, plus all your favourite regulars.
  • Christmaths carols I

    Christmaths carols I

    Behind today's door... a mathematical Christmas Carol
  • Problem solving 101

    Problem solving 101

    Never be stumped by a maths problem again, with this crash course from the ever-competent Stephen Muirhead
  • Puzzles about calculus

    Puzzles about calculus

    Can you solve these puzzles about differentiation and integration?
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