Talkdust, episode 1

A podcast for the mathematically curious


You may have noticed that in the editorial of issue 08, we mentioned that we had begun work on a Chalkdust podcast. Today, we are very excited to announce that the first episode of Talkdust, a podcast for the mathematically curious, is now available.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, or download an mp3, or search for us in your in favourite podcast app (or add us to your app manually using the RSS feed).

The presenters of this episode of Talkdust are Sean Jamshidi and TD Dang. Music and editing by Matthew Scroggs, and announcements by Tom Rivlin. In this episode:

  • TD and Sean talk about being scooped and taking exams.
  • TD and Sean talk to Tanmay Kulkarni, the author of Somewhere over the critical line from issue 08 of Chalkdust.
  • TD explains a colouring problem she’s been thinking about recently, and describes this picture to Sean:
  • TD thinks of a number and Sean tries to guess it.

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