Cryptic wordsearch, Issue 19

Can you solve it?


Cryptic #7, set by Kelpie: Download as a PDF or read on!

The clues below all have solutions contained within the grid. All solutions are read horizontally or vertically with no diagonals. When you have found all the
clues the remaining letters should dance around to tell you where you are.


  • Northern Briton with extra time announced ‘round up an engineer’. (5,7)
  • Average? That’s unkind. (4)
  • Changing optics at my approaching limit. (10)
  • Most important irreducible number. (5)
  • Our favourite agony uncle from tired child wriggling their first day away. (9)
  • A function sounds like a signal (4)
  • Lyrical poem for studying evolution. (1,1,1)
  • Magazine formed from mark on Horseman’s jacket with hesitation removed. (9)
  • Tony’s atom created by mixing iron core in my sink. (8)
  • Greek land measurement. The study of distance and shape. (8)
  • Initially pretty direct evidence for studying changes. (1,1,1)
  • European satellite created Elements. (6)
  • Description of many spectres from American sentence ending inside the heads of all Irish children. (9)
  • Loop, approximately without a line’s limits. (6)
  • Ranking the best decimal base. (3,3)
  • Heads of London metropolitan schools form learned society. (1,1,1)
  • Whole numbers found from Riemann summation with helping replaced by hesitations. (8)
  • The first programmer? They adore fabric. (8)
  • Bisection of glass regardless of optimism. (4)
  • The usual dancing Roman with article removed. (4)
  • Comes in linear and abstract flavours, used to solve equations. (7)
  • Mathematician from French farm, not initially elegant, but a model. (6)

Calum is a lecturer in physics at Edge Hill University where he studies topological solitons and enjoys talking about maths and physics to anyone who will listen. He can often be found on the side of a mountain or out on a bike, talking to himself about solitons.

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