Top Ten: Calculators

Are you a FX-82 or an FX-85 fan?


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten calculators! Then vote here on the top ten colours of chalk for Issue 04!

Top Ten Calculators 10 At 10, it’s what we’ve all been searching for: the Google calculator.



Top Ten Calculators 9 Down two places to 9 this week, it’s the Little Professor and his very trendy sideburns.



Top Ten Calculators 8 At 8, it’s When I’m Cleaning Windows 95 calculator by George Formby.



Top Ten Calculators 7 At 7, and guaranteeing you at least a C at A-level: the Casio FX-9750GII graphical calculator.



Top Ten Calculators 6 So clever it can calculate how many weeks it’s been in the charts: the Curta rotary calculator is at 6.



Top Ten Calculators 5 At 5, it’s not as cool as the watch that turned the TV on, but cooler than the Apple Watch: the Casio calculator watch.



Top Ten Calculators 4 At 4, it’s the calculator specially designed to encourage more flamingos to do maths: the pink Casio FX-85GT Plus.



Top Ten Calculators 3 The Casio FX-82MS is down to 3, but still popular with those who secretly meant to buy the FX-85GT Plus instead.



Top Ten Calculators 2 A new entry at 2 and perfect for working out how inflation is affecting the price of chocolate: the Smarties calculator.



Top Ten Calculators 1 And spending a record fifteenth week at number 1: the excellent Casio FX-85GT Plus!




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