Top Ten: Colours of chalk

The definitive chart of chalk’s greatest colours


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten colours of chalk! Then vote here on the top ten parts of a circle for Issue 05!

Brown chalkAt 10, it’s perfect for colouring in sideburns: brown chalk.



Yellow chalk A re-entry at number 9, it’s yellow chalk by UCL’s second most successful band, Coldplay.



Snooker chalk Getting its Big Break at number 8: snooker chalk.



Magenta chalk Down ten places to 7: it’s magenta chalk.



Sarah Chalke At 6, our favourite character from Scrubs: it’s Sarah Chalke from Scrubs.
[Photo: Photo Larry, CC BY 3.0]


Black chalk At 5 this week, it’s very handy when you can’t find a rubber: black chalk.



Dark green chalk At 4, a very useful colour when you’re drawing the new Chalkdust T-shirt or the District line: dark green chalk.



Purple chalk Thousands of people buying Prince brand chalk have brought purple chalk back into this week’s top ten.



Light green chalk At 2, a very useful colour when you’re drawing the Poddington Peas or the District line on a faded map: light green chalk.



White chalk Topping the Pops this week: the ever popular white chalk. Can you imagine a lecture without white chalk? Neither can we. Because we’ve never seen a whiteboard.




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