Top Ten: Mathematical games

The undisputed chart of the best mathematical games this season


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten mathematical games! Then, vote here for your favourite mathematical norms for issue 19!

Down FIZZ! places to BUZZ! in this issue’s top BUZZ!, it’s Fizz Buzz.

At 9, it’s the version of Asteroids for fans of maths:

At 8, it’s the greatest puzzle game on the PlayStation 1: Devil Dice.

At 7, it’s the mathematical game with the best music: Tetris.

At 6, it’s the game with the most angles snooker.

At 5, it’s Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column in Scientific American.

At 4, it’s the game that’s both older and better than chess: Go.

At 3, it’s everyone’s second favourite game that came with Windows XP: Minesweeper.

At 2, it’s the only impartial game: Nim.

Topping the pops this issue, it’s the Countdown numbers game.

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