Top Ten: Mathematical Monties

The definitive chart of the best monties


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten mathematical Monties! Then, vote here for your favourite mathematical games for issue 18!

At 10, he’s not a mathematician, but he definitely is a Monty: it’s Monty Don.

At 9, it’s mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer Guidobaldo del Monte (1545-1607).

At 8, it’s no-one’s favourite con trick: a three card Monte.

At 7, it’s the best Count never to appear on Sesame Street: The Count of Monte Cristo.

At 6, it’s the perfect breakfast to prepare you for falling asleep when you should be doing maths: The Full Monty.

At 5, it’s the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Montenegro.

At 4, it’s American statistician Irene Montie (1921–2018).

At 3, it’s the numerical method based on repeated random trials: the Monte Carlo method.

At 2, it’s the world’s nicest programming language: Python.

Topping the pops this issue, it’s the Monty most likely to give you a goat: a Monty Hall.

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