Top Ten: Parts of a circle

The definitive chart of the circle’s greatest parts


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten parts of a circle! Then vote here on the top ten geometry instruments for Issue 06!

At 10, and dangerously close to having a “(sic)” added after it: the center.



Beating its American cover version to number 9 this week: Stuck in the Centre with You by Stealers Wheel.



At 8, and spending yet another week inside the top ten: the interior.



At 7, it’s the Mysterons’ favourite part of the circle: the circumference.



At 6, everyone’s favourite pop twins: no, not Jedward, it’s two angles subtended from the same arc.



At 5 this week, the debut solo single from one half of the duo Circumference: it’s the radius.



At 4, with such a Monumental cover of the song Baker Street that it would even amuse Queen Victoria: it’s the Circle line.



Making it to number 3 this week after
being banned by all the UK’s maths department radio stations (except Loughborough): tau.



At number 2 this week, and proving that even containing three squares doesn’t make you too uncool for the top ten: the circle’s Cartesian equation.



Despite tau’s repeated attempts to take it down with diss tracks, pi remains at number 1 for a record 3.1415926535 years in a row, proving that it really is the only circle constant you need.




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