What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 15

Fashion is fleeting, Chalkdust regulars are not.


Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

HOT NFT hexagons

Show your Twitter followers you’re an idiot by investing in a $3/month monkey

NOT NFT shapes of constant width

Rolls down non-fungible coin slots, and comes free with every non-fungible copy of Chalkdust

NOT Celebrating mathematical days

Twosday Tuesday! Pi Day! Lots of numerical fun to be had this year.

HOT Doing maths on these days

Who needs pi to more than 11 decimal places anyway?

HOT Researchfish

‘Whilst we thankfully live in a society where we can freely express our opinions’, these guys will spam your inbox then email your funders when you say on Twitter they have a silly name

NOT Researching fish

Some pretty cool agent-based swarming modelling possible

HOT Zoom chicken

Say goodbye and keep waving. Just… keep… waving… Behold! Your own private party!

NOT Host has ended the meeting


HOT Selling your puzzle to the NYT for $1m

Five pages of puzzles in this issue. One of them has to be worth something, right?

NOT Winning a Fields medal for $15k

That’s like, a tank and a half of petrol?

HOT Chalkdust launch parties

Pizza! Quizzes! OK maybe we’ve had enough quizzes to last two lifetimes.

NOT Downing Street parties

This issue currently racing Sue Gray for first to publish

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