What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 16

Fashion is fleeting, Chalkdust regulars are not.


Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

HOT Artwork by artificial intelligence

Not to brag, but we got priority access to Dall.E

NOT Artwork that makes any sense

“I need you to draw a badly-assembled ham sandwich being cut in half so that all layers are cut equally… got it?”

NOT Shooting for the moon

“Nasa ground control to Artemis… we’re going to have to delay this launch by a few days…”

HOT Landing among the stars

See our page 3 model

HOT Dropping a new paper in front of 30 people

A great turnout to witness the outcome of your many years of academic work

NOT Dropping paper in front of 30 million people

Ah well, it’s hardly a cardinal sin… (he’s C of E)

HOT Chalkdust slowly becoming more and more like Cosmo

Issue 17 is full of sexy numbers, interviews with theorems and ‘LaTeX: expectation vs reality’

NOT Chalkdust slowly becoming more and more like Cosmo

At least they haven’t given Prof Dirichlet’s slot to Scott Mills yet #lovetheshow

HOT Supporting maths students with their mental health

HOT Pipe flow

The hosepipe ban is still in force down south, after a punishingly hot summer

NOT Miss Flo

At least Holly & Phil will be pleased we moved on

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