What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 17

Fashion is fleeting, Chalkdust regulars are not.


Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

HOT That new tile

In cinemas everywhere, on every website you visit and in every pop science thing for the foreseeable future. But who doesn’t love Einstein?

NOT Penrose tiling

Yesterday’s aperiodicity. Knock down any buildings that feature it and start again.

NOT Expecting optimal
things to be beautiful

The best-known packing of 17 squares into a bigger square taught us to let it go

HOT Getting it out the door

The universe is telling us: perfect is the enemy of done

HOT Going out on strike

A great opportunity to bond with your colleagues’ dogs

NOT Coming back to the same
pay offer you rejected

And you think the dog might have scratched your jeans

HOT Pythagoras’ field of beans

Issue 17 is full of sexy numbers, interviews with theorems and ‘LaTeX: expectation vs reality’

NOT Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams

Replace your corn fields with baseball to harvest the souls of the dead? Ludicrous!

HOT Conferences with lunch included

HOT Writing sonnets about maths & physics

’Shall I compare thee to a planetary orbit…?’

NOT Writing rude sonnets about Anne Hathaway

(either of them)

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