What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 06

Mathematical fashion advice for an ever-changing world


Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

HOT Crossnumbers

Everywhere now, including the Times and of course, Chalkdust Issue 06.

[Picture: Héctor Rodriguez, CC BY-NC 2.0]

NOT Sudoku

They’re all exactly the same. I say su-no-ku

HOT Grade 9

If you find the new grades confusing, just remember the conservation of grade law:

new GCSE + O-level = 10.

NOT Grade A*

Who collects these any more? About as current as Pokémon Go.

HOT Hacker camps

A long weekend of talks, workshops, fire pong and a cocktail-making robot? Count me in!

[Picture: Sheila Thomson, CC BY 2.0]

NOT Music festivals

Great place to lose your phone while having a rubbish time.

HOT Law of Australia

The only law that applies in Australia

[Picture: Wikimedia Commons user Dellex, CC BY-SA 3.0]

NOT Laws of mathematics

“Very commendable” but not good enough.

HOT Rule 30

As seen at Cambridge North station.

[Picture: Hugh Venables, CC BY-SA 2.0]

NOT Game of life

As seen at no stations

HOT String theory

A great field that proves that physics is (occasionally) not terrible

KNOT Knot theory

What happens when string theory gets tangled.

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