Chalkdust Book of the Year 2020

We announce the shortlist


It’s the twenties and it is time for the Chalkdust Magazine Book of the Year award. One maths book that was published in 2020 will be joining Kit Yates’s The Maths of Life and Death by receiving this prestigious award. Additionally, there will be a chance for you, our readers, to vote for your favourite.

The 2020 shortlist

We have picked seven maths-themed books released in 2020 to be on our shortlist for the prize. These are (in alphabetical order):

These books are all very good, but we can only pick one winner of the prize. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be posting reviews of each of these books, including notes relating to our four judging criteria—style, control, damage, and aggression—then on Monday 15 March, we will be announcing the winner of the Chalkdust Magazine Book of the Year 2020, plus the winner of our readers’ vote.

The readers’ vote will open after we post the final review, so get reading now so you know who to vote for…

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