Chalkdust issue 17 – Coming 22 May

Pre-order a copy and/or book your ticket for our launch event


At long last! Chalkdust issue 17 will be released at 9am on Monday 22 May. You can preorder printed copies now!

Issue 17’s cover

We’re really excited to share the latest issue with you. Among the many articles, we have an interview with Shannon Trust on their work teaching maths in prisons, an article on modelling penguin huddles using techniques from fluid mechanics, and how to make a Möbius strip. There will also be all the regular features you’ve come to know and love, including Dear Dirichlet (the fan favourite!), our crossnumber and more!

We will once again be hosting a party to celebrate the launch too, towards the end of the month. Our sponsors G-Research have kindly agreed to host us again, on 22 May in central London, where there will be a maths quiz, pizza and drinks. Find out more and book a free ticket for the event here. Note that bookings will close at 5.30pm on Thursday 17 May.

You can share your excitement about the upcoming issue with us on Twitter using #chalkdust17 (provided Twitter still exists…).

You can still order physical copies of issues 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 and 16, or view issues 1 to 16 as pdfs.

You can preorder issue 17 now, to get a physical copy sent straight to your home.

Alternatively, you can find a free copy at the following universities:

  • Bristol
  • Durham
  • Edinburgh
  • Greenwich
  • KCL
  • The University of Life
  • Liverpool
  • Loughborough
  • Manchester
  • Oxford
  • Reading
  • Royal Holloway
  • Sheffield
  • Sheffield Hallam
  • UCL
  • UWL
  • Warwick

Have we missed out your university? Want to order some copies for the common room? Drop us an email at:

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