Flo-maps fractograms: the game

Try out these flo-maps for yourself: fractions speak louder than words

This game corresponds to the article Flo-maps fractograms: the prequel. Have a go!


Here, you provide a numerator and denominator to receive a beautifully graphed pattern depending on the resultant decimal.

You must also designate the number of decimal places you wish to show: please do not use a number greater than 500.

Similarly, please try to keep the number of decimals a multiple of 100 for numbers larger than 100, and a multiple of 10 otherwise. This is not mandatory, however may result in visual bugs if not followed.

The recommended numbers of decimal places are: 10, 50, 100, 200, 500.

Please keep the denominator larger than the numerator, as the program will only illustrate decimal place patterns.

Once you have chosen your numerator, denominator, and number of decimal places, just press “Go”.

The “Superimpose” option will allow you to superimpose different patterns on top of each other. Please only use it after you have already shown one pattern.

Have a go

Hugh Duncan graduated from UCL having studied astronomy. He taught physics and maths at the International School of Nice for over thirty years. Hugh was a punk when he started UCL in 1976 and guess what, he still is! Check out his band Old Age Spies on YouTube. He recently retired and has just had his first science fantasy book published 'Life On Mars - The Vikings Are Coming' inspired by his time at UCL. Check it out too!

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