Geometry Puzzles in Felt Tip

We review the first of this year’s nominees for the Book of the Year


Catriona Shearer is a maths teacher who posts lots of really good geometry puzzles on Twitter. The first book on the Chalkdust Magazine Book of the Year 2019 shortlist is Geometry Puzzles in Felt Tip (Amazon UK ), a book containing all the puzzles that Catriona posted in 2018.


This book is very pretty, each page contains one puzzle with a description and a large (hand-drawn in felt tip pen) diagram.


If you like geometry puzzles, then you will love this book as it is full of creative puzzles that will get you thinking. This book is especially good if, like me, you often miss Catriona’s puzzles on Twitter and want a way to catch up with them.


The puzzles in this book were created by Catriona, and almost always involve situations I have not puzzled about before. This makes the book great for seasoned puzzlers who are running out of new puzzles.


I would strongly recommend this book to friends, especially those who are into puzzles. I’m very much hoping that a follow up book of puzzles from 2019 will be coming out soon…

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