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  • On the cover: Vhat? Vhere? Venn

    On the cover: Vhat? Vhere? Venn

    Madeleine Hall takes a brief dive into the world’s favourite set-relationship-representation diagram.
  • Mathematical Adventures!

    Mathematical Adventures!

    We review the first of this year's nominees for the Book of the Year
  • Adopt a polyhedron

    Adopt a polyhedron

    Mara Kortenkamp, Erin Henning and Anna Maria Hartkopf give us a tour of Polytopia, a home for peculiar polytopes
  • Issue 10

    Issue 10

    Computational proofs, AI music and embarrassing surveys feature in the autumn 2019 issue. Plus all your favourite puzzles & columns.
  • Top Ten: Geometry instruments

    Top Ten: Geometry instruments

    The definitive chart of the best tools
  • Hooke’s Monument

    Hooke’s Monument

    The Great Fire of London, a little-known polymath and a Monument...
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