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  • The Josephus problem

    The Josephus problem

    Alvin Choy works out who will be the last one left in
  • Let them share cake

    Let them share cake

    Or, how a simple problem can get very complicated, very quickly...
  • In conversation with Tanniemola Liverpool

    In conversation with Tanniemola Liverpool

    As part of Black Mathematician Month, we spoke to the Bristol University professor about access schemes and the importance of mentors.
  • Seeing double

    Seeing double

    Take a ball, divide it into parts, glue them back and get two identical copies of your ball!
  • Issue 05

    Issue 05

    Graphical linear algebra, slide rules and game theory in nature. Plus all your favourite fun pages in our spring 2017 issue.
  • Advent facts III

    Advent facts III

    Behind today's door... More fascinating facts!
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