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  • Dear Dirichlet, Issue 13

    Dear Dirichlet, Issue 13

    Parishoners, partners and puzzled playwrights have written in to the professor's postbox this issue
  • Issue 12

    Issue 12

    Independent Sage's Christina Pagel, hyperbolic mindfulness and make-your-own Markov tweet feature in our autumn 2020 edition. Plus all your favourite puzzles & columns.
  • Topological tic-tac-toe

    Topological tic-tac-toe

    Alex Bolton plays noughts and crosses on unusual surfaces
  • Biography of Sophie Bryant

    Biography of Sophie Bryant

    A biography of Sophie Bryant
  • Roots: Blaise Pascal

    Roots: Blaise Pascal

    Blaise Pascal was driven to begin the mechanisation of mathematics by his father's struggles with an accounts book in 17th century France.
  • Optimal Pac-Man

    Optimal Pac-Man

    Matthew Scroggs spends too much time beating this arcade classic.
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