Top Ten: Units of measurement

The definitive chart of the best units


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten units of measurement! Then vote here on the top ten Chalkdust regulars for issue 09!

At 10, it’s the Zappa.
At 9, and selling one tenth of the number of copies that number 6 sold: it’s a millimetre.
At 8, and not receiving much radio play due to being far longer than the rest of the top ten: it’s a furlong.
Following warm reviews from critics, degrees Celsius enters the top ten at 7.
The new single by no-one’s favourite rapper 50 Centimetre is at 6.
At 5, it’s the Yardbirds tribute act whose members are all 8.5cm taller than the originals: the Metrebirds.
Following the release of its 51st anniversary deluxe edition, The Velvet Underground and Picometre is at 4.
At 3, and selling 273.15 more copies than this issue’s number 7: it’s Kelvin Harris.
Image: Wikimedia commons user Martinvl, CC BY-SA 3.0.
Forced up two places from last issue, it’s the Newton.
Topping the pops this issue, it’s dimensionless constants.

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