What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 02

We tell you what’s popular in the world of maths, so you can get ahead of the curve!


Hot! Python

from jokes import jokes_about_python

Not Hot! Fortran

We don’t use punch cards any more. Why are you still using a language designed for them?!

Fortran punch card

This is Fortran. We’re not kidding. (Source)

Isaac Newton

Hot! Isaac Newton

Over 300 years before it was cool, Newton invented the diss track and completely destroyed Leibniz.

Leibniz 01

Not Hot! Gottfried Leibniz

His haircut is so last issue and he doesn’t even have an Instagram account.

Not cool.

Choco Leibniz

Hot! Choco Leibniz


Fig Newton

Not Hot! Fig Newtons


Hot! 36.7 °C

The UK’s hottest ever July temperature.

Not Hot! 36.7 °F

Not the UK’s hottest ever July temperature.

Neve e Pippa

Let’s go for a walk on the beach

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