What’s hot and what’s not, Issue 12

Fashion is fleeting, Chalkdust regulars are not.


Maths is a fickle world. Stay à la mode with our guide to the latest trends.

HOT Naming your software

Check out my new software: the Automated Chebyshev Real Orthogonal Novel Y-axis Maker.

NOT Writing software

Programming takes ages.

HOT Friendly numbers

6 and 28 are friendly, as the sums of their factors divided by the numbers are both 2.

NOT Seeing your friends

Especially not in groups of more than 6.

HOT Video calls

They’re so exhausting.


It’s definitely a good use of a whole day to add a fifth camera to your custom setup.

HOT Excel 97

Famously only has 65,536 rows.

NOT Databases

Famously no one ever needs to store more than 65,536 data entries.

HOT Taylor Swift

Singer with hits including Blank Space, Shake It Off and Cardigan.

NOT Maclaurin Swift

Singer with hits including Bl0nk Sp0ce, Sh0ke It Off and C0rdig0n.

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