What’s your favourite function? Part II

A few weeks ago on this blog we featured some of the Chalkdust team’s favourite functions. Since then we have received loads of feedback from people telling us their favourite function, so in part II of this blog we’re featuring some of the best of the contributions we have received. Our reddit thread got many other excellent contributions, from the Cantor function to the zeta function, and there was a heated debate about whether the Dirac delta function is actually a function (it is). Continue reading


Our Favourite Functions: Part I

Functions are rather important in maths.  From the humble $y=$ constant to the exotic special functions, from straight lines to never-ending spirals, from those in one variable to those that live in multidimensional worlds, they’re pretty hard to escape.  So we asked people what their favourite function is and you’ll find their contributions below.  We’d love to hear what your one is, so get in touch at and you can also read Part II of this blog.

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