Chalkdust Review of the Year 2016

Before we say ‘Goodbye’ to 2016 let us highlight a few of the articles on the Chalkdust website.


Another busy year for Chalkdust is gone(well…almost). That is 50 online articles, 2 new issues, 1 advent calendar a few quizzes and loads more. In the remaining few hours of 2016 we look back to some of the amazing articles written by us and our friends. From everyone on the Chalkdust team enjoy this post and look forward to even better blogs next year.

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[Pictures: 1 – adapted from – Moscow New Year 2016 by Valeri Fortuna, CC-BY 2.0;  other pictures by Chalkdust]

Niki is a PhD student at UCL, working in analytic number theory.

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