Talkdust, episode 4

A podcast for the mathematically curious


It’s time for episode four of Talkdust!

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, or download an mp3, or search for us in your in favourite podcast app (or add us to your app manually using the RSS feed).

The presenters of this episode of Talkdust are Sean Jamshidi and Eleanor Doman. Music and editing by Matthew Scroggs, and announcements by Tom Rivlin. In this episode:

  • Eleanor and Sean talk about the launch of issue 09.
  • Stephen Muirhead tells us about his article in issue 09.
  • Eleanor and Sean talk some more about the launch of issue 09.
  • Eleanor and Sean play a game in which they try to describe mathematical words to each other and take the second place position on the leaderboard.

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