Top Ten: Mathematical symbols

It’s time to reveal the Top Ten Symbols in Algebra!


This issue, Top Ten features the top ten mathematical symbols for use in algebra!

item10 A new entry at 10, everyone’s least favourite axis… y!



item9 At 9, allegedly resembling the British Rail logo… the not equals symbol!



item8 The perpendicular symbol gets its angle just right this week at number 8!



item7 A re-entry at 7: The Bee Gees with Much Less Than a woman.



item6 It may be small but we love it: epsilon spends yet another week at number 6.



item5 At 5, amid protests of plagiarism from alpha: the proportionality symbol.



item4 Down two places to 4, showing it really belongs in the top ten, it’s… !



item3 Maybe its resemblance to sideburns makes it col: the floor symbol is at 3.



item2 At 2, we’ve been searching for years and we still haven’t found it: it’s x!



item1 And topping the charts, it’s a new entry. The perfect symbol to represent some upside down screaming: for all!


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