Four things you didn’t notice in Issue 05

How many did you spot?


With just a couple of days to go until we launch issue 06, we thought it’d be fun to share a few bits and pieces that we hid around issue 05. If this gets you excited for issue 06, why not come to the launch party on Thursday?!


Since we published the horoscope in issue 03, scorpions have been running around all over Chalkdust HQ. Seven of them managed to sneak into issue 05.

A hidden message

The simplest difficult task started with this picture:

The letters and numbers in this image are hexidecimal ascii characters: if you decode them, you will reveal the message “Congratulations, you have found this secret message! Send us an email at and if you’re the first, we’ll send you a Chalkdust T-shirt!!!”

Sadly no-one found this message and now that I have revealed it, the prize is no longer available.


The clock on the cover is showing 13:37, or Leet o’clock.

The crossnumber

The header of the crossnumber page contains a pattern of black and white squares:

Eagle-eyed readers (or those who spent a long time staring at crossnumber #4) may have noticed that this pattern was taken from crossnumber #4:

And some mistakes

What’s half a diameter called? Find out what we accidentally said in our Hall of Lame archive!

Keep your eyes peeled in Issue 06

How many hidden jokes can you find on Thursday, when issue 06 will be launched?

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