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Have you always dreamed of designing the cover of a popular mathematics magazine? Or sprucing up content for the inside of the magazine? Or raising sponsorship to help Chalkdust continue to grow? Or pretending to be a pun-loving dead mathematician?

At Chalkdust, we are always looking for new volunteers to join us in doing all these things. Whether you are skilled at image editing, TeΧ typesetting, proofreading, organising events, writing not too bad jokes or deciding what’s hot and what’s not, there is a place for you at Chalkdust.

Want to join the team? Drop us an email at

Issue 09 team

Carmen Cabrera Arnau

Petru Constantinescu


Thuy Duong “TD” Dang



Eleanor Doman


Sean Jamshidi


Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva

Jean Legacé

Johnny Nicholson

Tom Rivlin


Sally Said

Matthew Scroggs

Matthew Scroggs



Belgin Seymenoğlu


David Sheard

Albert Wood




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